Why buckwheat pillow?

The man has two anatomical (physiological) curves, which evolved as a result of verticalization of the upright walk: lumbar, ie, bristle and neck or cervical curvature. These two curves allow it to be vertical and horizontal.

When we lie down we rest – we sleep, and our goal is to wake up relaxing. To do this, when laying in the neck of the spinal column, there must be a support that is shaped by anatomically following the curve of the physiological curve. Then the pair of vertebral muscles, located around the spinal column left-right and backward, can relax, relax (then the result is between the muscles equal to zero) and enable an uninterrupted flow of blood that brings nutrients and oxygen to the product metabolism: lactic acid, free radicals and toxins, which leads to tissue regeneration, which enables us to stay calm. 

Pillow ORGANO LIFE with buckwheat flakes, which has the ability to adapt to the anatomical contour of the spinal column, provides full neck support, provides myorelaxation, relieves embarrassment, neck, shoulder and upper back pain. It removes headaches, provides a healthy, physiological sleep, so a man wakes up and hears what our main goal is!

Prof. Univ. dr sot. med. 

Aleksandar Lešić

spec. ortopedije sa traumatologijom

Prevention of neck pain

First of all, the most important is to remove risk factors that lead to anxiety or acute episodes of the spinal cord disease. Using the ORGANO LIFE pillow, carry out one of the protective measures by avoiding holding your head and neck in an unfavorable and tired position, and therefore affect the prevention or mitigation of this type of anxiety. It is intended for people with malfunctioning physical bodies, those with chronic emotional stress, people who are over-sitting (work, computer), with frequent colds, rage and dissatisfaction, insufficiently physically active, and also those who are suffering more serious pathological conditions . Support of the neck and shoulders is very important, because muscles that have been exposed to negative stimuli for a long time lose elasticity, and as a consequence, degenerative changes such as arthrosis can occur and affect the whole bone system.