How does it help us to preserve our health?

Keep your head cold

People from the Far East love organic bacon shells, because according to oriental medicine an important element of good health is that it has a cold head. We spend a third of our lives in the bedroom and it is advisable to keep our head cold for our general health. Organic buckwheat bushings are pressure-resistant to allow air flow and breathe fresh air while you sleep. The ability to circulate the air keeps both the head and the body cold. This function can also reduce snoring and severe breathing while sleeping.

Non-toxic and no chemicals

Organic flakes of buckwheat are non-toxic without chemicals and without pesticides. The research has shown that toxic substances in beds, including pillows, can cause reproductive, developmental and neurological problems. Some of these problems include lower intelligence in children, inflammation of the respiratory tract, eye irritation, muscle pain, headaches, reproductive damage, and even cancer. While spending a third of our lives sleeping on such pillows, such vapors can be critical to our health.

Quality sleeping

A bucket of buckwheat flakes improves sleep quality and relieves stress-related symptoms. In order to have a better sleep, the head, neck and spine must be equally flat in a comfortable cushion. Buckwheat flakes do not bend, they adjust to the head, neck and spine, depending on shape and weight. The Pillow Cushion provides continuous support throughout the night and gives you added comfort to provide you with a complete and quality sleep. Good sleep quality is essential for good health.

Environmentally friendly

Organic buckwheat flakes are environmentally friendly. Grape growing uses organic production methods not to damage the environment. Organic buckwheat flakes do not pollute the environment in the bedroom, so they do not release hazardous gases typical of synthetic foam cushions.

Therapeutic benefits

Organic buckwheat has the ability to adapt and the team provides full support of the spinal column, which relieves pain, headache, muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and back pain.

Resistant to hypo-allergens and dust

Unlike synthetic foam pads that can cause allergies, organic buckwheat is a natural hypoallergenic. Organic flakes can naturally refuse dust.

Completely adjustable

Organic buckets can be adjusted. You can simply add or remove flakes at your liking depending on how tough and tall you want your pillow to be. You can also replace the flakes with new flakes.


Haydn flakes can last up to ten (10) years and more, with proper care. The bulbs can be replaced so that whenever you want to have a new pillow, just replace them with new flakes.